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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

transforming scars to art

in fairy tales it's easy to spin straw to gold
but here on the ground where slaves and survivors
must grind through what we grind through
there's not the least fiction when we transform scars to art
when we write it and paint it and sing it to beauty despite.

despite everything that had to be heaved through
despite the desperate prayers
despite our weary shoulders
there came that point of lightning that renewed us
that inspiration on how to make it
something else entirely
and we just knew.

and everything flowed from pen and brush and
from voices rooted in the pain of birth
crying out for life, for life, for life sublime

oh no, there's not the least fiction when we
transform scars to art
they're by far the truest stories ever told

mary oishi
19 march 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You words are inspiring. I came across your poems, quite by accident and am very glad to have done so. Thank you.

6:54 PM  

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