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Sunday, April 03, 2011

San Francisco rain has 181 x federal limit for radioactive iodine

I read this morning that the water in the San Francisco Bay area has 181 x (that's 18,100%) the federal limit for radioactive iodine. Had to write this poem:

hiroshima is coming home
how could we think she never would?
she rides high winds across our borders
stealthed by our leaders' lies, our reporters' silence
she's coming down in gentle violence
a million soothing drops of poisoned rain
she's rolling down our streams
landing on our fields in rainbowed spray
staking her place in our babies' bottles
hiding out in our thyroids, our breasts,
our prostate glands, our DNA, our california tomatoes
hiroshima is coming home, my darlings--
there is no less than hell to pay

mary oishi
3 april 2011


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