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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Saturday, February 14, 2015

you are here

                        you are here

yes, others get unearned advantages
you are advantaged too:
ancestor to ancestor
goblet to goblet
poured strength to strength
through generations
centuries-tested, multiplied
strength to strength to strength
poured into you
that's how you squeezed into this life equipped

yes, others get unearned accolades but
what reward is higher than
that you are here
when so many times you should have died
in that dark room alone
in that dark room with someone
who should have never been
in charge

you are here, hearing these words
so listen well:

what gold-trophied glory can match
the fact that you are here?
less-equipped, you would have died
when that crazy man grabbed you in the street
when waters rose
when fevers raged
when you got that shocking news
when you were completely betrayed
when your heart was utterly broken

not even priest or wizard could
take such blood red sorrow
paint this day in blues and turn it
royal purple

you should have died
you should have died so many times
i cannot count them all
you should have died but

here you are
still here
still here
still dancing

-mary oishi


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